Radon Testing Southeastern PA Area

We do thorough testing for dangerous Radon

If you test a home following the approved protocol and you receive a radon average at or above that level, the EPA recommends that you fix the house. To understand how we get rid of radon, you first have to understand how radon enters your home. Radon enters the lower levels of our homes because it is being drawn in from the soil below. This is primarily because warm air is constantly rising out of the lower levels of the home.

This air movement leaves the home’s interior slightly depressurized compared to the outside. It is this slight negative air pressure which draws radon into the home. In order to counteract this action a standard radon mitigation system is designed to create more suction under the concrete slab floor than the basement is naturally exerting.

A1 Home Inspection, LLC will detect and advise you on ways to mitigate radon presence in a property.

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